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fellah n : an agricultural laborer in Arab countries [also: fellahin (pl), fellaheen (pl)]

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Etymology 1

From ‘tiller of the soil’.


  1. A peasant in an Arabic country.
    • 1922, James Joyce, Ulysses:
      It has the prophetic vision. Fuit Ilium! The sack of windy Troy. Kingdoms of this world. The masters of the Mediterranean are fellaheen today.
    • 1955, Paul Bowles, The Spider's House:
      All of them were crudely caricatured scenes of life among Moslems: a schoolmaster, ruler in hand, presiding over a class of small boys, a fellah ploughing, a drunk being ordered out of a bar.

Etymology 2

Representing a colloquial pronunciation of fellow.


  1. alternative spelling of fella

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